Developed by a Make-up Artist

Annie Jenkins is a film and television make-up artist in the San Francisco Bay Area and the creator of ProMatte.

After a well known, brand name mattifyer gel that was used by make-up artists, DPs, PAs, photographers and producer/directors was discontinued several years ago, a common topic was which other one have you tried and is it as good.  The make-up colleagues that I discussed it with and I agreed that there wasn’t one as good.  I went to work.  It took me 4 years of formulating, then trying it on the job, reformulating, trying new ingredients, testing on camera, tweaking ratios ….  and continually observing its application on set under lights in real world conditions. I believe the final formula is better than anything currently available. And now it has been used on sets with and without make-up artists. In those instances when a make-up person is not available on set, this simple and effective mattifyer is easy enough to apply that the talent can even do it themselves. Camera people sometimes carry a small makeup kit in case of emergency... this is the perfect addition.

It works great for everyday, too!  It smooths, minimizes large pores and mattifys without a powder look!  Also, it is  clear so it works on any skin tone.

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