I love the Anti-Shine Gel by Annie Jenkins! Used on CEOs and executives at Net App, Cisco, Safeway, Google, HP and ESPN Productions..…...Use where makeup has been applied or no makeup at all!

In a pinch? Anti shine Gel removes the “Hot Spots” on set in seconds.


I highly recommend this product….

Leslie Olguin-Estrada - Make-Up Artist to the Stars since 1993

I'd never seen anything work like Pro Matte gel to completely erase skin shine. The gel is perfectly light and soft too, you can't feel it at all. I kept looking in the mirror to see if the Pro Matte effect was an illusion, but it's very real. This is an amazing product!

Jan S - Meet The Gaffer model from episode 198

Your package just came, thank you so much! Beautifully packaged and I really appreciate the clear tube, it really shows off that it’s a clear gel. Good choice.

The gel itself is really, really smooth, I love that. I’ve had trouble with the recent replacements to the *discontimued* product that they were too dry and they flaked off. What a mess!

So I put a bit on and it’s also smooth, not at all sticky or anything objectionable. No fragrance, as inconspicuous as can be. Very nice.

 And of course it cuts shine. Looks great so far, I look forward to seeing it on camera.

Andy Linda - Director

Our customers love the ProMatte mattifying gel! It is easy to use, takes the shine away in seconds, and works on any skin tone. Great for make-ups artists but we also sell tons to DPs as well. With all that is changing in production because of covid19 this is a perfect solution as the talent can apply it themselves. I also personally love that is not filled with garbage and isn’t bad for your skin.

Jen Burns 

Owner of JCX (and Bay Area distributor of ProMatte). http://www.jcxex.com/

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